Thursday, February 2, 2012

RetroChallenge Winner!

Well, the results are in...Fahrfall is a RetroChallenge Winter Warmup winner for 2012!  That officially makes Fahrfall an "award-winning" game! :-)

I know, I know -- many of you will compare this to winning an argument on the Internet... ;-)  But, I am really excited about this little honor.  The other RetroChallenge competitors had some cool projects, and it would have been perfectly reasonable to pick a different winner.  I really appreciate this little bit of recognition...I am proud of Fahrfall!!

Captains Of Industry

I know that you must be dying to get a Fahrfall t-shirt!!  Still unable to shake the Fahrfall bug, I took a little time to actually setup a CafePress storefront.  There are several options to accommodate a modest range of tastes and budgets.  Feel free to deck-out yourself in some Fahrfall gear, then come to CoCoFEST! or Maker Faire: NC and say "hello"!

I hope to get back to some Fahrfall development soon.  It might not be this weekend -- I need to dig out of the hole I made over the past month while focusing on Fahrfall.  But, I'll be back soon with some more updates -- stay tuned!


  1. I think it was a well deserved win. I would have voted you for the top prize myself - making a great looking game from scratch in one month is no small achievement, and you can be justly proud.

    I would have picked myself for second spot though ;)

  2. I agree!!! ... Now I will have an excuse to setup my coco 2 system next to my coco 3 setup. You also better believe I will be wearing a Fahrfall t-shirt while enjoying the game.

    Keep up the good work John and also the nice blog. Such a good read! I honestly look forward to your next write up.


    1. Hey, thanks! If Fahrfall keeps a few more CoCo systems on people's desks (or at least out of the landfills) then it will definitely have been a big win!