Friday, July 11, 2014

Fahrfall Is In Beta!

I guess it is about time for another little update.  I don't have a lot of info that I'm ready to share, so I guess I'll have to share some code for the Fahrfall fans to fondle... :-)

You Beta, You Beta, You Bet...

I'm liking the way things are looking, so I figured it was time to do a beta release.  Fahrfall Beta 1 has the following features:
  • Pace quickens over time
  • Rate of scoring increases over time
  • Rate of scoring doubles while Fahrve is falling (i.e. not standing on a platform)
  • Variety and frequency of platform appearance changes has increased significantly
So, basically this is the same version as I described in my previous updates.  It is available for download here:

Sounds Of Silence

Beta 1 doesn't have any sounds (annoying or otherwise) that the Alphas didn't have.  I'm still working on some things in that department -- I think Fahrfall's fans will be pleased!  I'm know that I'm excited...

I'm not sure which direction I will go this weekend.  I'm definitely having some fun with audio, but there is the physical part of this project to cover as well.  Which to cover next?  Well, I guess you'll have to stay tuned... :-)


  1. Some sound would be nice. :) At least something less unpleasant/jarring to the ear for "game over" if that's possible. Maybe a sort of levelup/next level kind of sound when the guy makes it to the next variation of platform style?

    If you're looking for ways to make the game a bit more complicated/interesting, you could make it so that if you travelled greater than some distance while falling before hitting a platform the guys hits it hard and falls over/is stunned for a few seconds. Kind of a falling danger thing to keep you from being too daring.

    Do ever think the falling speed is too fast or is the idea to figure out how long to wait before jumping to maximize the chance that you land on a platform with jumping once you know it's safe? It seems like there isn't much of a reason not to make safe jumps/falls indefinitely given that the odds are good you'll hit the edge of the screen?

  2. The sizzle at the end is kinda like a signature for the game -- it won't be changing. :-)

    As for being too daring, if anything I want people to be more daring -- that's why I double the score while falling! The most fun is when you almost fall off the bottom only to be "rescued" by the next platform appearing at the last moment...

    As far as Fahrfall strategy...playing it safe may seem sound, but eventually the luck of the draw on the platforms will catch-up with you and you'll be stuck. Safe jumps aren't always available, so you need to learn how to judge the farthest distances, change direction of the fall, etc.