Saturday, July 21, 2012

Retrochallenge Summer 2012 Redirect

When it came time for this years Retrochallenge Summer event, I hadn't managed to come-up with a good idea for a project.  So, I punted -- I said I'd just work some more on Fahrfall.  Unfortunately, I didn't get around to that either.  But, I did finally come-up with something good to do!

I have opened a new blog to describe that project.  Please check-out my new Stupid VDG Tricks blog for details!


  1. Hello John !

    Just recently dug my coco2 out of the attic to show my 9 year old son some retro games....

    Fell upon Fahrfall by chance while looking for coco stuff....

    Pleased to tell yoy that it works perfectly on a 64K coco2 PAL machine !

    /Simon :-)


  2. I would be very interested in seeing your code for the VDG tricks (44 colours)....I have often speculated about this kind of thing on the coco.... (I used to program demos on the c64 - where we often used a raster interrupt for all kinds of funky tricks)...

    I think the coco is probably capable of far more than people give it credit for....

    /Simon :-)